Our school has advanced e-classrooms, equipped with LCD projector screens, complementing the blackboards, to impart teaching through audio-visual medium.
This advanced aid helps the students to understand the subject in depth by actually seeing things happen. The most advanced educational software is being used in our school by our teachers. This has brought about a palpable improvement in the level of understanding of the students and it is evident in their increasing interest in studies!


Computer lab is a vast encyclopaedia in itself, which can generate familiarism to this entire world and can help the child to gain speedy and insightful knowledge.
Every student of the school is given training in computers to update their knowledge with acquaintance to latest information technology and application.
Every student gets chance to learn and explore the new technologies practically.


Our school has a well-equipped laboratory, which has made science very interesting for the students. It contains safe and secure equipments, apparatuses and material in abundant quantity.
Laboratory helps the students in fixation of theoretical knowledge. Our well-designed science lab enables the students to have thorough scientific and practical experience. The students get an opportunity to conduct and verify the experiments by themselves. It is the best place for the future scientists of this magical word.


Our school library is a welcoming place for study and reading. Our library has plenty of books, encyclopaedia, picture books, activity books, dictionaries and many more. The library provides vast information and knowledge. It helps all the students learn new words and polish their language.
The library encourages the love for reading and the students also develop independent learning skills.